Who is this artist? Peacock oil painting by Black


Hello. I am looking for some information on this artwork. It is oil on canvas featuring a peacock. It is only signed by Black and measures 20″x 24.” It has a certification attached to the back but I have been unsuccessful in finding anything about the artist or locating the company that completed the certification.


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    I don’t have experience with this type of painting, but based on my research i would say it is a follower (or copyist) of Alexandre-François Desportes (French 1661-1743).
    Here is a similar peacock by him:

    and more:

    Information about the artist:

    Your painting is probably not that old. Most likely 20th century. A photo of the stretcher and back of the canvas will tell more about the age, and a larger photo of the front (as well as details) is also needed to assess the quality – but it does not appear to be nearly as fine as in the paintings by Desportes.

    The label on the back suggests that the gallery is selling commercial copies or pastiches. The information about ‘hand-painted’ would be superfluous if the artwork were an original.


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