What are these Famous Artwork 8×10 Negatives (Plates?)


Hello,  I bought a bunch of these negatives at an estate sale but I cant figure out what they are or what they were used for.  This appears to be a negative for Francesco Guardi’s “AN ARCHITECTURAL CAPRICCIO WITH FIGURES BY A RUINED ARCH,” but I cant find anything similar anywhere on the internet.  Anyone know what these would be used for and if there is any value in them?

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    The negatives are most likely intended for a book or magazine publication.
    I think it was part of the mechanical printing process to have the negatives the same size as the printed photo.
    In the 1970’s I worked at a newspaper where such plates in different materials were stored, but I don’t have any practical experience with how they were used.

    I don’t think they have any monetary value.

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