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Looking to know more about this piece. I have found smaller versions printed in 1958 from the New York Graphic Society (size 13″ X 18.75″). I’d like to know if this is a collotype, heliogravure, lithograph and when it was pubblilshed & by who. The size is 18.5″ X 25″ (inside matting), 24″ X 30″ outside matting. It is mounted on very heavy (card)board with no glass. I would like to reframe, is there any reason I can’t have glass in front? Also, where is the original located?

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  1. Welcome to the forum!

    The New York Graphic Society probably issued the collotype print in different sizes.
    This is probably the same as yours:
    Noted to be from the 1950’s, but I think the 1960’s might also be the case. In the late 1960’s coated reproductions framed without glass were popular.

    Here is the smaller one you are referring to:
    I guess yours had had the text at the bottom also, and it has been cut off from 33.5 to 30 inches.

    You can have glass at the front, if you like. But it is not to be considered an original piece of graphic art. It is a down-scaled reproduction based on a photograph of the original pastel, which according to the label (and the text on the smaller reproduction as well) is in the Stephen C. Clark Collection, New York.

    About collotype:


  2. Vietato,
    Thank you very much for your prompt reply and the information. I appreciated the collotype link & just got through reading about Stephen C. Clarke (Wikipedia), a very fascinating story. Best, Heidi

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