Sno Grasso Terracotta sculpture “The First Machine to Make Paper in a Continuous Loop”


Terracotta sculpture signed by Sno.Grassi. Titled “The First Machine to Make Paper in a Continuous Loop”. Shows 4 men with a dog standing by the machine. I received this as a gift approx 1978 when I worked for Dow Chemical in the paper latex division as a secretary. I’ve carried it with me over several moves, therefore, a hand is broken off and another piece has come off but I have that piece (shown in the picture). Curious if it’s still worth anything.

6 x 7.75 x 4.5 INCH

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  1. These terracotta figure groups by Sno Grasso have been sold on eBay and smaller auctions.
    Here are four results:

    50, 150 and 20 USD and respectively (the third passed the first time).

    Here is your figure group, but I can’t find the price:

    Another one for sale on Ebay:

    And a couple more:

    With ceramics and figurines and the likes it matters a lot that they are intact and without repairs, so I doubt that yours will have much value – maybe 10-20 $ in a private sale.


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