Rene Reinicke Ein Madell


I believe this is on card stock. I am very unfamiliar. It looks like it’s pencil or charcoal. Can anybody please tell me anything about this picture. Is it worth anything or is it garbage? I found it in with a pile of other old photos and pictures, but I do not know any of them are. Thank you

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  1. I think it is a print of sorts, but I am not sure. The wrinkles might suggest that it is on paper glued to cardboard. Furthermore it seems to be cut at the right, where you only see hands and feet and some of the dress from an adult woman.

    The shades and variations in the backgrounds looks to me as a a reproduction after a an ink or watercolour. You can use a damp cotton swap at the edge to see if the colour comes off easily.

    If it is a print it is not worth anything, and an original in that condition would not be of much value either.


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