Oil Painting on Canvas By Walter Zickerow (1884-1958) – Value? Best Auction Site


My aunt bought this painting and I’m thinking it would have been when she was in the service in Germany during WW2.  I got it when she passed and displayed it a few years but it never has held a prime space in our home.  I am looking to part with it wondering an approximate value and the best auction site to consider sending it to.

Size 23.75″ x 19.75″
Oil on Canvas on wood frame
Signed bottom left

Thank you for your time in reviewing my request and I welcome any questions.



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    I don’t think the name Walter Zickerow will have any impact on the price. There is not much to be found by him, and the subject matter and quality differs a lot. The prices are not high.
    This one 40 €:
    The highest price I have seen is 270 € for this gouache or watercolor on BidtoArt:

    I don’t think your painting from Venice is of great quality – it is close to being a ‘tourist painting’.
    It will probably not fetch more than 50-100 $ – be it on eBay or at a local auction.


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