Need help identifying meaning of the writing on the back of the oil sketch.



I need help with deciphering part of the writing on the back of the oil sketch I found in my favorite thrift store 🙂

Below are some brief information of my amateur research:

Year or Era Produced: 19th century.

Classification/Technique: looks like oil paint sketch on millboard.

Dimensions: 23.2cm x 15.5cm (9.13×6.1 in)

Frame measurement:

length: 12in,

-width: 8.16in,


Inscription: No visible signature on the front.

Title of the painting signed on the back, in the upper, center top, with pencil: “Greys Peak”.

There is also number: “430” under the title and the name “Kaufmane” below this number, plus another number below Kaufmane: “5541”

(The handwriting of the title reseambles Albert Biernstadt’s. “Kaufmane seems to be written by someone else” ).

Provenance: Not known.

So what do you think?

What can be the meaning of the numbers and the name Kaufmane? Art Gallery, auction house, owner? 

Any ideas and comments are much appreciated.

Thank you!



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