Lawrence L. Wilbur (1897-1960)


I found the attached artwork by Lawrence L. Wilbur (not to be confused with Lawrence Nelson Wilbur) who I understand was highly respected for his portraits and cover art, based in the NY/NJ area.  The artwork is printed on heavy stock and appears to have been used in a stand-up display.  When I found it in a Kokomo, IN antique shop, I just had to have it because it is so richly detailed and life-like.  Does anyone have any idea as to the specifics of this art or could possibly steer me in the right direction?  It is quite large, measuring 24″ wide X 33″ high and features his trademark printed signature at the bottom with a line drawn under it.  I deeply appreciate any help.  Sincerely, Bruce Kielty, Michigan.

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  1. Hello Bruce,

    I was wondering what was the matter with the missing gloves!

    Wilbur has some illustrations with a humorous view at daily life, so first I thought this was a young man pretending to be a boxer with a pair of socks on his hands, but when observing the slits formerly containing two ‘rivets’ or ‘clamps’ I think some real (or cardboard) boxer gloves might have been attached to the board.

    The drawing of the hands and forearms seems unfinished and even transparent in some places, so I think it was only meant for making shade behind the added objects.

    Maybe an ad for boxer gloves?


  2. Bruce replied in a personal message:
    “You know, you might be on to something that I totally missed. I just assumed that those slots were used as part of a stand-up display. Now, I am really going to go to work and try to solve this mystery. I thank you so much.— Bruce Kielty, Michigan”

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