Herbert Haseltine translation help?


hi i got this book which Herbert Haseltine has written something i think it’s french? can anyone make a sense what it reads?
And if anyone happens know what this book is im more than happy to hear? it has quite a lot pictures of his sculptures Thanks!

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    The dedication reads:
    À Mlle Merete Söderhielm
    avec toutmes remerciements pour
    la jolie musique
    Herbert Haseltine

    (To Miss Merete Söderhielm
    with all my thanks for
    the pretty music)

    It has to be the Finnish pianist of that name, being 21 years of age at that time.


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  2. yes it is most likely this Finnish pianist Merete Söderhielm i don’t understand any french so i couldn’t even guess what it reads so all my thanks for translation 🙂

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