H. Monty Painting?


Hi all, new here. I found a painting in my grandfathers home (he recently passed away) and I am just trying to find out some info on it. It has a signature of H Monty. I have tried to look this up, Google, EBay, Etc and I have had no luck at all. Of course there are “Monty” paintings but not H Monty, so I am left a bit confused, I am just wondering if it is of any value or not really since all of my grandfathers belongings are being gone through. If it’s not worth anything that’s okay I’d just like to know. Any info would be appreciated. I do not currently have a pic but could get one soon.

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  1. A painting can have value even if it’s not by a listed artist, so please post a photo of it along with information about size and medium (canvas, board, etc.).


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