Guidelines for questions


Please make a descriptive headline for your post – for example “landscape painting”, “abstract lithograph” or “painting by N.N.” rather than “please help with signature”.
If you are asking about a specific work of art: please include all the information you have:
1. Size excluding frame.
2. Medium and support, for example oil on canvas, watercolour on paper, lithograph etc.
3. Any other information, like where and when it was bought, its history.
4. Include relevant photos: front and signature of course, but the back of a painting might also reveal important information, as can labels and scripture.
And please acknowledge the answers to your question! The person answering has spent time on your request!
Mark it as “solved” if your question was answered to your satisfaction.
Otherwise reply so that we know that you have seen the answer.
If you don’t acknowledge answers you can’t expect anybody to be willing to consider other questions from you.

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