Glenn Emmons signed, stamped Sgt Henley’s Mule. Are there ones that are NOT signed, stamped?


I happen to have a signed Sgt Henly’s Mule bronze by Glenn Emmons.

It is beautiful. What detail!

I saw one that sold last year on this site, but it did not have the signed, stamped boxes checked .  Are there ones that don’t have signatures and stamps?

I’m just curious about what one might go for with these.



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    The BidtoArt database will have omissions concerning signatures – especially if they are not mentioned on the auction within the primary description.

    The one in the database is this:
    – and it is “signed” and numbered. All copies will most probably have the same stamped signature, which looks to be from the mold itself. It would also be very unlikely that a bronze would be numbered but not signed. I guess yours is numbered too?


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