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Hi guys

i’m creating a few acrylic paintings on large canvases. They are 120cm by 100cm. I’m looking to get some floating frames for them, but the prices i’ve found are extremely high. The cheapest frame is £90 which for me isnt affordable. Does anyone know where I can get cheap floating frames from? I did try DIY it myself but failed miserably.





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  1. Hi Amy,

    I assume you are in the United Kingdom, so with shipping in mind, you will probably have to buy the frames there.

    The main problem seems to be with the size, as many dealers have a maximum size of app. 90 x 100 cm.

    You have probably seen the frames at Jackson’s, with an easy self-assembly system for large frames, reducing shipping cost:

    These are also available in Denmark, my home country, at a cheaper price (≈ 52 £) here at Maleri-Centralen:
    Here is how it’s done:

    I fear the shipping will be quite expensive though, but you can contact them to find out 🙂


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