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I have an oil painting by Emile Charlet titled “Going to Vespers” (Brittany)

Note on the back says Honorable mention 1884, Third Pelass medal in 1885

Original salon no. 370

Does anyone know any information on this artwork?


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  1. Welcome to the forum!

    I am not sure what kind of information you are hoping for?
    There are not many records of Emile Charlet’s paintings sold on auction, and none of those are fitting your description.

    Some of the information from the note on the back is a bit cryptic – like “Original salon no. 370” and “Third Pelass medal”.

    Please clarify your question along with photos of the painting, the signature, and the written note if you want to follow up. The size of the painting (measured by the stretchers) might also be helpful in a search.


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