Do people worry about accuracy when drawing character heads bent up or down?



(For clarity’s sake, the example picture is not of my character, but just as an example). When I drew my character’s head bent down, in a front facing position, I realized that there was most likely no way to get the foreshortening completely accurate. The end result did look acceptable, but at the same time, I was still bothered by this. Since I have a problem with being a perfectionist, I started wondering how I would know how accurate it would be, which brings me to the crux of my question. Do people worry about this, or am I just taking things to far again. Another reason I’m asking is because I figured out a way to compensate for it, but it’s not too reasonable. Since I work digitally, if I clipped out my drawn profile view/(side view) of my character’s face, resized it, and rotated it down to where the eyes, nose, and mouth should line up with the forward facing head; I could make corrections to the foreshortening. I just don’t think this method is very practical, especially for artist that work traditionally. Heck, I’m probably overthinking this which is why I want different opinions on this.




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