Can anyone help me with the Artist please.


New here, I hope this is the right place to post this.

I inherited these two paintings from my Grandmother, they were her mothers, my great grandmother with the family name Paterson. She lived in Scotland & northern England and I assume they are Scottish landscapes. I remember them from my grandparent’s hall as a boy, I am now 63, so I presume they came into the family in the late 1800’s / early 1900’s, but cannot be sure.

They are 71 by 91cm, oil on canvas, timber frames, I had to take them out of frames to be shipped home to Australia for my Victorian farm house with high ceilings.

I know they are not great but mean a lot to me, my grandfather who was a amateur artist was very derogatory about them, from his side he was related to William Morris so could be a tad critical. To me they mean a lot and will stay in the family for my daughter to inherit when I am gone.

I cannot read the signature and have tried to find who the artist was, I want to get them cleaned and a few things sorted out, a few marks on the fronts, but depending on the artist this ‘may’ make me not spend too much, yet to decide.

If anyone can help I would be eternally grateful.

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  1. Welcome to the forum!

    For now I can only say that the staples attaching the canvas to the stretcher bars indicate that the paintings are from after 1940 – unless they have been relined. The back of the canvas doesn’t look very old.

    It is strange that a signature written in block letters presents such a challenge! I can see that the other painting has a signature at the bottom middle. Could you present a photo of that? It always helps to have different examples to compare.


  2. The other signature is very dark but I have tried to shoot it as clear as I can and adjusted the contrast though does not help very much.

    They was hanging in a relative’s house who had them re-framed at some stage probably about 35 years ago, they then sat, unfortunately, in a shed for about 5 years when I finally got them shipped. ¬†Though I am not discounting they were painted after 1940 as memories can be hazy, just does not sit with my mother’s recollection of them being in her grandmother’s house, she is 94 this month and her memory is very good on most things, better than mine.

    Much thanks for your helpful reply.


    Spoke to my mother last night, she is categorical that both paintings were her grandmother’s, she has no idea where she got them.

  3. The second signature photo quite literally didn’t shed any light on the last part of the signature which I think is D. Leurad, but I can’t find an artist by that name.

    I found the Welsh place Ynus Leurad.

    Maybe the painter is somehow connected to that place?

    Concerning a possible relining of the canvas: You should be able to see the edges of the old canvas where it is glued upon the new one.


  4. I do appreciate your efforts, it will have to remain a mystery.


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