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My friend has this decorative plate and on the back it is written Tito Rutilo C… I have tried looking it up to see if it was really his but can’t find it anywhere. Please help. Just want to know what we have… thanks…

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  1. Welcome to the forum!

    You accidentally replaced the photo of the plate, but I remember it well enough to say that it is in the style of the few drawings by Tito Rutilo which I have found.

    He is mentioned in this video about ceramics from Alto del Balsas:

    The inscription does not look like a signature, but more like a written name and place, so it might be a ceramic in his design rather than a unique piece.

    I don’t understand Spanish, so I don’t know if the video will shed more light onto that.

    A couple of links:

    And please attach the photo of the plate itself again.


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