I recently purchased a storage locker at auction and I came across six poster size pieces of artwork that are all from a set of paintings.

They title: indian court federal building and something about sanfransisco.

I have found this information below online about the artwork…but i am still unsure about the paintings. Were thete lote of copies made? Wqs this an original or a mass produced item. Any ideas on value of this paintimg.

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  1. They are not “paintings” but exhibition posters from the Golden Gate International Exposition 1939:

    If they are original posters, and not later reproductions, they might sell from 325 to 1,050 US$ in auctions (hammer prices):

    EDIT: Some prices are lower because of paper loss, rips and creases:

  2. They are painted copies, you can see paintbrush lines/imperfections in the image itself. One is cracked and you can see the crack in the paint. But i dont know if this was how copies were made back then

  3. They are described in the auction sales as lithographic posters. In a lithograph each color is printed one at a time, and in certain areas they might be on top of each other, so it can look as if painted.

    I’m sorry, but they are worthless with those cracks and tears.

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