Arta Banta/ Renaissance-Style Painting on Glass Tile??


Something I’ve never run across before, and could use some help. Here are two of what appears to be glass tiles, each with a very Renaissance themed painting, one of them signed “Arta Banta” and dated 1913, the other unsigned (unless behind the matte). Both are in frames that match the early 1900s date. I can only find one reference to an Arta Banta on line, where a Ruby Lane seller sold a painting of a woman in Edwardian dress, signed Arta Banta (“For The Love of Trees”). However, the signature on that one and the signature on mine are very different. The style is also quite different, at least to my eye. The only other reference to an Arta Banta that I can find is from the early 1900s, but refering to a Salt Lake artist specializing in pyrography. Each of mine are about 11 1/2 by 12 1/2, in nice condition. Will be most grateful for any and all assistance.

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