1891 Oil on Canvas Monogrammed WB


Hi everyone 🙂
I’ve got this 27″X36″ (69X92 cm) oil on canvas, monogrammed WB and dated 1891.
If anyone recognises the artist I would greatly appreciate the help.
I also included the close up of the people in the carriage, so perhaps identifying region of origin of people in there would give some leads.

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  1. Hello Merray,

    Couldn’t it simply be by Frederick William Billing (German-American, 1835-1914), as the label suggests?
    The monogram seems to have a reverse F connected to the W.



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  2. Vietato, I think you are absolutely right! I just didn’t pay much attention to the label, as thought it was only in regards to shipping, nothing more. I googled though for the words on it, “billing” being a general term gave me tons of unrelevant results. Then the words themselves didn’t click in my mind as a name, just “FW” – forward and “Billing” as a billing department, terms seen and used daily.  🙂
    Thanks a lot!

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